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cupcake station will not entertain any last minute order.
please place your order latest 5 days before the pickup date.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

just a short talk

honestly i'm happy wid all my previous n regular customer
thanks to them for being kind :)

but i'm quite dissapointed wid someone
who resist to pay deposit
hey dont claim that "never transfer money in such situation"
i giv many option either using cdm or online transfer or meet me face to face

its clearly stated that we need deposit before proceed ur order
if u cant follow the terms n condition
no need to waste my time

i only ask deposit less than 50%
if i wanna cheat ya,better i asked to pay 100%
i even offer to meet me in case if ure lazy to go cdm or didn trust me
wads the point tat makes u claim that i'm gonna cheat u
with that money less than RM30?hello i'm not craving for it
plus its a last minute order n i still can consider
with 3 option of deposit payment
even i'm willing to meet u in person
the rude msg really shocked me

u urself dont understand the business ethic
i'm not sellin donut at pasar malam
i'm sellin custom made products according to ur own wish
if u wish to order cake from SECRET RECIPE they oso ask for the deposit okay
other road-side bakery oso need deposit to place order
so its ur problem if u dont trust on9 business

eih u think being a lecturer is good enough for u to insult people?
i got few customer wid better position than yours
yet they still respect us

hope i wont meet such a rude customer in future



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